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One of my latest projects I was working on brought me in contact with something entirely new for me. Don’t get me wrong I have been working with SEO, calls to action and site navigation before, it was the context that was new for me. The client was one of the huge providers of the online gambling industry and I re-designed their website. One of the fascinating things I came across while working on this project was the so-called welcome bonus. I am not a gambler myself but I am curious and my curiosity keeps me going.

So, I started to look a bit further into the subject as I kept on working on creating an easy to use website of an online casino. Turns out, that you get this welcome bonus as soon as you sign up at this casino. The first reward they are handing out to their customers are freispiele or free spins. Those spins can be used on the online slot machines and you can play them literally for free. You can also win real money of course and keep your winnings.

As I was digging a bit deeper in this subject, I found out that there is only one requirement. You have to use those winnings for a specific amount of times before you can withdraw them. Freispiele are therefore a very nice gesture of generosity of an online casino. Well, that is what I thought. As I kept working on this project I thought about the structure of the page and how to organize everything, I reached the rewards section. And here they were again, freispiele. I was very surprised to see that players will be further rewarded with even more free spins. In the case of the casino project I was working on, players had countless opportunities to get rewards, Freispiele was just another tool in the toolbox.

Well, I am not saying that I became an expert in online gambling, but I certainly learned a thing or two. Apparently, there are bonus rewards on depositing money into a players account on a specific day of the week. There are even more rewards when a player places well on one of the tournaments. Yes, you read correctly, there are tournaments in an online casino. When designing a website of an online casino you need a lot of creativity and imagination. It certainly is something different from designing an online shop. For me personally, it was a fascinating experience and I am definitely open to doing that again. Actually, I might even sign up in such an online casino myself and try their games.

Of course, I would go for a casino that offers freispiele as a sign-up bonus. Some of those slot machines can actually be quite entertaining and fun to play. Thinking about this project I am actually glad that I agreed to try something totally different instead of declining it. What I learned is, keep being curious and try new things, sometimes there is a positive surprise waiting for you.

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