January 28, 2009


The Top Design and Development Blogs to Follow

Article written by evavesper

What we decided to do this time and since it is not too late, is write a list of good blogs to follow if you are a designer/developer. This list has some blogs that are off the beaten path since I m quite sure you know most of the popular ones. Although we did include the most popular and famous to not forget.

1. Smashing Magazine

With a clean web design and focus on large graphic presentations, at SmashingMagazine.com you will find all that is hot and all that is not in web design. Completely obsessed in listing cool tutorials, designs, cheat sheets, and other useful and inspirational stuff, this design site is a true authority of the online community. Bookmark, set, go!

2. FuelYourCreativity.com

Need a place to reload and get some inspiration for the next design-project? You will find endless examples of cool and professional designs at FYC.. Graphics, products, videos, tools. Anything you need to get that fire burning again!

3. Css-Tricks.com

Anything CSS and web design related. Your daily feed on what is going on in the stylesheet community.

4. PsdTuts.com

If it is Photoshop you like and want to learn more about, then PsdTuts.com is the place to go. Not only listing useful tutorials, this site dedicated much of its site space in showcasing the work of the best photoshoppers on the market.

5. Noupe.com

Icons, Graphics, Tutorials, WordPress, CSS and Ajax are few of the many topics addressed at Noupe.com. Not a post goes uncommented and with over 15,000 RSS subscribers, this site seems to be a natural stop for many designers during their daily Internet-surfing.

6. SuperTouchArt.com

Recommended by music producer and hip-hop artist Kanye West himself, SuperTouchArt.com describes itself as a creative hub for a diverse community of visionary artists and cultural instigators. A lot of fancy words perhaps, but this site is for anybody with an interest in the artsy-farty and culturally obscured.

7. Blog.SpoonGraphics.co.uk

Web design graphics gallery in a nut shell. SpoonGraphics have mastered the art of blogging, every new post containing web design artifacts and how-to s. Perfect to visit during meetings with grumpy AD s and corporate suits.

8. WebDesignerWall.com

The message board for the web designing community. Find jobs, tips, tricks, inspiration, news and recent trends. This site is all about design, from the immensely boring top the greatly inspirational.

9. SixRevisions.com

Design and development united at SixRevisions.com. From idea to finished results, no matter where in the designer/developer process you are. Many articles focus on increased optimization of your website and <a href=http://www.webhostingsearch.com>webhosting provider </a> along with core development issues and solutions. Plus, you will find some great tips on design elements. Worth visiting for sure with13,263 RSS subscribers and counting.

10. WebCreme.com

Cr me de la cr me of web design showcasing. With a clean and simple design, WebCreme.com lists the most inspirationally designed websites. Though it will never be admitted, we all love to see what others designers are doing.

And there you have it. It will be exciting to see what these sites do in 2009. Be sure to visit them to get ideas on web design, graphic design and tricks on coding.

The Author

Article written by evavesper:

Eva Vesper works with Web Hosting Search - a small, independent hosting review site. She s here to share some insights on how to evaluate and analyze your hosting provider. If you have questions/comments, feel free to contact her at her twitter account or visit her site, Web Hosting Search


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  1. Alex Vorn says:

    23 Apr, 2009

    Thanks for the link, why isn t you blog in the list?

  2. Custom Logo Design says:

    24 Apr, 2009

    Thanks man! The links are really useful and i was searching them over the Google from last week. I think Google is really full of spammers.

  3. Steve says:

    19 Aug, 2009

    Keep up the great work!

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