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At Web Kreation, we’re aware of the importance of (UX) in developing a platform that satisfies its consumers. UX is especially important in the online gambling industry. Gambling platforms, such as Betfair España online casino, can often fail to attract and retain customers if their site is difficult to use.

UX refers to multiple aspects of website design. From layout and navigation to repetition and one-size-fits-all solutions, there are a lot of important pieces at play. Read on to understand our perspective on why new thinking is needed for online casinos such as Betfair to maintain their success.

Betfair Casino

Betfair is a regulated online casino that is licensed by the Spanish gambling commission. Betfair works with some of the best gaming and gambling providers in the industry like the popular Netent and Playtech. Betfair offers a wide range of video slots, casino games progressive slots. This gambling company offers a superb gambling experience.

Besides the great game selection Betfair casino offers you can also go for their epic welcome bonus. But what should Betfair casino do to differentiate themselves from other casinos?

Repetitive design can discourage consumer interest

There’s a plague among online casinos: stagnation. Many platforms keep using the same design aspects over and over. Why has this become such a common issue?

Platforms, such as Betfair España online casino, choose to regurgitate and replicate the formulas that work. One gambling site hits it off, and others follow suit. The general idea being perpetuated in the industry is that what makes one platform successful ought to be replicated elsewhere.

This leads to an overall UX that is largely the same. Even elements that don’t work well are reproduced. Sites that offer different features and bonuses reuse design elements that don’t suit their platform. We can see this plainly—so why doesn’t it change?

Who’s behind lackluster or impractical website design?

When it comes to creating a casino platform, there are plenty of people involved. But who calls the shots? It’s rarely the web designers. Instead, one or two of the people on top hold a lot of sway over the direction the gambling platform takes.

Since they are unlikely to be experienced they opt to follow the path that other casinos have taken. For example, the Betfair España online gambling platform has a fairly straightforward design, but it lacks flair. With so many online casinos choosing the same path, what needs to be addressed to improve a casino’s success?

What aspects need special attention for gambling sites such as Betfair?

It’s essential for those in charge of designing an online casino like Betfair to know what to pay more attention to. An Online Casino must grab and maintain consumer’s attention, rather than following a cookie-cutter format. However, the need for change extends far beyond that.

Aspects such as sign-up forms, search functionality, and mobile compatibility can affect consumer interest. Especially, for the gambling industry, as most people play online slots and other casinos games on their mobile. The simplicity of signing up is one key to retaining newcomers. Forms that are difficult to sort through, out of date, or ask for unnecessary information can be a turn-off.

Instead, companies like Betfair should opt for attractive, simplistic forms. Likewise, navigating an online gambling platform needs to be easy and intuitive. Menu layouts should be easy to sort through, while filters and other search tools should make navigation a breeze.

Mobile compatibility is quickly becoming the number one hallmark of an online casino’s success. Part of UX-driven design is that casino players can access their preferred platforms when and where they want. We at Web Kreation understand that the convenience of mobile devices is turning the tide of the gambling industry and so does Betfair Casino.

For Betfair or any other casino site to stand out and reach success, there needs to be a major shift in how they designed. By choosing to place consumer desires and needs first, platforms can begin to adapt and evolve. We’re ready to help create engaging and useful layouts—but companies have to trust us.

What is next for Betfair Casino?
Are you interested in finding out what the future holds for Betfair Casino? A new article will be posted soon with all the juicy details!
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