October 6, 2008

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48 incredible Mootools Scripts

Article written by Jeeremie

Ever wanted to add some AJAX effects to your site to create a great and interactive looking site. Here s a list of 48 of the best Mootools scripts around there (e.g. image galleries, lightbox clones, tabbed contents, forms, menus, tables, date pickers…).


MochaUI is a web applications user interface library built on the Mootools JavaScript framework to develop great Web Applications, virtual desktop, modal windows, widget… Maybe the best mootools app I have seen so far. You should definitely check this one!
Mootools version: 1.2

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Mootools Ext Adapter

An attempt at creating a mootools adapter for the fantastic Ext library by Jack Slocum.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Another lightbox clone, but this time is written for Mootools 1.2.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Nice and easy plugin for image slider. 8 slider samples in total.
Mootools version: 1.11 and 1.2

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(E)2 Photo Gallery

(E)2 Photo Gallery is a open source gallery. Designed to allow you to upload your photos to a desired folder, tell the (E)2 Photo Gallery what folder to look at and it will automatically load the images using PHP.
Mootools version: 1.1

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Pathfusion : Slideshow

Slideshow with transition between images.
Mootools version: 1.11

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Can call several content sliders on one page.
Mootools version: 1.2

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This gallery and slideshow system allows you to have simple and smooth (cross-fading…) image galleries, slideshows, showcases and other cool stuff on your website…
Mootools version: 1.2

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iTunes like image gallery. It is the script I chose to use to display my showcase on my homepage.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Viewer - mootools

Slideshow to display image galleries or page sections.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Slimbox is a 4kb visual clone of the popular Lightbox JS v2.0 by Lokesh Dhakar, written using the ultra compact mootools framework.
Mootools version: 1.2

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An elegant, lightweight slideshow script based on Obama s homepage slideshow.
Mootools version: 1.2

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SlideShow 2

Slideshow 2! is a javascript class for Mootools 1.2 to stream and animate the presentation of images on your website.
Mootools version: 1.2

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PathFusion : multibox

Another lightbox clone that supports images, flash, video, mp3s, html.
Mootools version: 1.2

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SqueezeBox - Expandable Lightbox

SqueezeBox is an unobtrusive LightBox inspired overlay, for modal boxed content on your site. It s a snap to show images but just as easy to use HTML elements, Ajax requests, iFrames, SWF movies and more.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Using the MooTools javascript library, Mediabox lets you open flash, video, and html content in a floating “lightbox” style window.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Javascript Image Gallery Using Mootools (part 2)

HTML friendly Javascript image gallery using mootools.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Sliding Tabs

Sliding Tabs is a mootools 1.11 plugin which adds a pretty neat effect. It s a clone of the Panic Software s Coda site.
Mootools version: 1.11

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MooTabs is a tiny(3kb) class for MooTools. As the name suggests, it s main purpose is to help out with the creation of simple tab navigation.
Mootools version: 1.1

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SimpleTabs - Unobtrusive Tabs + Ajax

Small, simple and unobtrusive Tab plugin for MooTools including support for Ajax content.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Custom Form Elements

Style custom form elements to enhance checkboxes, radiobuttons, fileupload, textinput, textarea, select, submit, reset, image.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Form validator. It will pop up a message when a field is left empty.
Mootools version: 1.2

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fValidator is an open source (free) unobtrusive javascript tool for easy handling form validation.
Mootools version: 1.2

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ForMoo - Form Tools for Mootools

Another Form Validator.
Mootools version: ??

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MOOdalBox - an HTML Lightbox

A modal box (inline popup), used to display remote content loaded using AJAX, web 2.0 style, written for the mootools framework.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Javascript Fisheye Example

Impressive demo of Javascript Fisheye Menu for Mootools version 1.
Mootools version: 1.0

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FancyUpload - Swiff meets Ajax

Swiff meets Ajax for powerful and elegant uploads. FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar.
Mootools version: 1.11

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UI TESTS :: Drop Menu

A sweet drop down menu with two levels.
Mootools version: 1.2

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ddMenu is a simple MooTools-based script to create you re own context menus.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Fancy Menu

The well known Fancy Menu from Devthought.
Mootools version: ???

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Mootools :: Drop Menu example

A drop down menu.
Mootools version: 1.0

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UvumiTools drop down menu

The UvumiTools Dropdown Menu is a very simple multi-level menu built from an HTML unorderd list.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Drop Down Menu

Another drop down menu.
Mootools version: ??

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MenuMatic - Drop Down Menu

MenuMatic is a MooTools 1.2 class that takes a sematic ordered or unordered list of links and turns it into a dynamic drop down menu system.
Mootools version: 1.2

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PathFusion : image menu

Horizontal menu, reveals more of the image as you rollover it.
Mootools version: 1.11

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Calendar (date picker)

Calendar is a Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Unobtrusive JavaScript date-picker widgit

Unobtrusive date-picker.
Mootools version: ??

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Another date picker

Date picker.
Mootools version: ??

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wysiwyg - mootools

WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get). The page is in Spanish.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Pathfusion - Sortable table

Sort and filter tables.
Mootools version: 1.11

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Sortable tables created from standard tables.
Mootools version: ??

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Add reflections to your images.
Mootools version: 1.2

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This AutoCompleter script for MooTools provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion. It features different data-sources (local, JSON or XML), a variety of user interactions, custom formatting, multiple selection, animations and much more.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Add tooltips to your text or links.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Mootools Split Panes - Work in Progress

Split Panes.
Mootools version: ??

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iCarousel is an open source (free) javascript tool for creating carousel like widgets.
Mootools version: 1.1

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Ajax based social network bookmark widget.
Mootools version: 1.2

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Pathfusion : Rounded Corner

Creates rounded corners on divs.
Mootools version: 1.11

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Update (Oct 14, 2008): I just discovered today a new lightbox clone: SexyLightBox. Pretty neat!
Update (Oct 14, 2008): heySilver - MooTools Edition - Navigation system for Web applications that provides extra functionality to any application.

Don t know the Mootools framework? Learn it!

MooTools 1.2 for The Non Programmer - Part I Get started with Mootools. The tutorials comes with a lot of Mootools demos to see the scripts in action.

MooTools Basic Tips for Web Designer - (Lesson 1) Another basic (maybe too basic?) Mootools tutorial from Antonio Lupetti to get started.

30 Days of Mootools 1.2 Tutorials - Day 1 - Intro to the Library. Each tutorial comes with some advanced examples and demos. Really interesting.

A MooTools Tutorial :: The “Mootorial”. How-to tutorial on the MooTools library. Become a master!

Mootools: Ajax & XHR classes - Solutoire.com

Mootools: JSON explained - Solutoire.com

Understanding Mootools Selectors $, $$, $E and $ES - Solutoire.com

The Author

Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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  1. Gregori says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    Wow! Nice collection!
    The wysiwyg editor is awesome, I ve been searching this for months.
    Mootable is nice too, maybe I ll use it.


  2. Paul says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    Which one of the above would I use if I wanted to create a flickr style photostream which loads in the next and previous images next to the main image? Tabs, slides?


  3. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    NoobSlide would work (sample 6 and 7).

  4. Paul says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    Thanks I will have a play, nice small footprint too and available in mootools 1.1 which is important for me at the moment :)

  5. Ethan Gardner says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    Pretty cool list. I can t wait to try some of this out and start playing around with v1.2 of Mootools. I am stuck with 1.11 for now until Joomla ships out an update with the new version of Mootools.

  6. Eduardo says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    and Sexy Alert Box?

    Great collection :mrgreen:

  7. Luca says:

    14 Oct, 2008

    Great list.
    Another great concept (unfortunately it doesn t work in IE6): an iphone like scrolling system: http://www.stylekueste.de/iscroll.htm

  8. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    15 Oct, 2008

    @Eduardo: Lo siento, lo habia olvidado.

  9. Aaron Newton says:

    20 Oct, 2008

    There s also about 60 plugins on Clientside:

    http://clientside.cnet.com/js (download)
    http://clientside.cnet.com/docs (docs)

  10. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    20 Oct, 2008

    Thanks Aaron! Is there any demo page where we can see the plugins in action?

  11. Aaron Newton says:

    20 Oct, 2008

    There s a “wikitorial” that demonstrates every single one. You can find them all here:


  12. Robin says:

    12 Nov, 2008

    Splendid! I love this list. Please add more javascripts soon.

  13. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    12 Nov, 2008

    Another list is on its way. It will be published in about 10 days. :)

  14. Alex says:

    15 Nov, 2008

    We are waiting! Thank you!!

  15. SchattenMann says:

    17 Nov, 2008

    we all love you :P

  16. Ruslan ABuzant says:

    29 Dec, 2008

    Nice collection, bookmarked!

  17. Luca says:

    7 Jan, 2009

    I ve just released Milkbox 2.0!
    A lot of new fetures, the most important:

    - flash support
    - autoplay play/pause button and custom autoplay for every gallery
    - xml galleries
    - total control over Javascript launch
    - custom events

    Take a look! :)

  18. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    21 Jan, 2009

    Thanks Luca for the update. Nice new features.

  19. Luca says:

    21 Jan, 2009

    thank you :)

    Now I ve just updated Milkbox to v2.2

    It has some important fixes, and a new reloadGalleries() method, one of the most requested… It lets you reload galleries without re-instantiating Milkbox. Very useful in ajax apps or whenever you need to dynamically change the milkbox links without reloading the main page. :) Bye!

  20. Emanuele says:

    28 Jan, 2009

    Have a look at iMoogle too!!

  21. Dabert says:

    2 Mar, 2009

    i just wanted to say that I love this site

  22. Constantin says:

    27 Mar, 2009

    More MooTools plugins (tooltips, image zoom, chained selects and other) can be found on php-help.ro.

  23. Hello says:

    30 Mar, 2009

    Some scripts in the list are not even using ajax. Please review terms first

  24. Boby Thomas says:

    15 Apr, 2009

    fantastic collection

  25. Metti says:

    28 Apr, 2009

    This is a nice one too:
    Yamoodow - Yet Another MOOtools modal winDOW

    unobtrousive and lightweight modal window with support for tabs and caching:


  26. Vikas says:

    29 May, 2009

    great and useful colelction

  27. pranab saha says:

    6 Jun, 2009

    Great Collection

  28. Leo Lee says:

    24 Jun, 2009

    nice collection, but it s hard to customize…

  29. Michael says:

    29 Jun, 2009

    Hah great, I was using MOOtools without realizing it.

  30. bert says:

    30 Jun, 2009

    What are sripts?

  31. raosid says:

    1 Jul, 2009

    Amazing collection. Excellent job. May I know whether it contains a sliding rating control.

  32. aca says:

    23 Jul, 2009

    tq so much!!! love it!! :D

  33. da2n says:

    25 Jul, 2009

    it s very is the best,…I love it..:D

  34. Dan Tamas says:

    31 Jul, 2009

    Hi, I would like to announce the launching of a Mootools script that I think deserves to be in this list : Kroppr - image cropper script - V1.4

    This script is intended to help webmasters allow their users to manipulate the images available on the site. It allows rotation, resizing, cropping and in the end saving the cropped image. The script is written in Mootools v1.11 and is available for testing on http://kroppr.rborn.info/

    We would love to hear your opinion about it. Thank you.

  35. artViper says:

    31 Oct, 2009

    You may want to add http://www.artviper.net/bumpbox.php to it - lightbox clone for flv,swf,img,html,pdf based on mootools and only 5kb in size.

    • Jeremie Tisseau says:

      3 Nov, 2009

      Nice one @artViper. You always come up with nice scripts.

  36. KejeN says:

    8 Apr, 2010

    That is a really awesome collection but I can t find a sliding panel(hiden on load) with mootools 1.1 .

  37. artViper says:

    14 Apr, 2010

    Thanks @Jeremie Tisseau, if I just would have more time, I d come up with even more ^^ …

  38. psren says:

    10 Jun, 2010

    PathFusion : image menu

    Link defect (only the one of the image on the right of the article)

  39. eric says:

    16 Jun, 2010

    Very nice! I look forward to trying some of these out soon.

    If anybody s interested, I ve also put together a utility script that takes raw HTML as input and spits out MooTools element constructors: http://mrrena.blogspot.com/2009/12/dom2mootools.html

  40. ahsanfile says:

    20 Jul, 2010

    Nice works…
    thanks for share

  41. okresowe szkolenia bhp says:

    17 Dec, 2010

    This is fully thoroughly amazing! I discovered this a few months ago. I incessantly am back to learn from it.

  42. Eloktavian says:

    16 May, 2011

    Haha… this what i want.
    Thx you 4 posting this. They very useful to me…

    Amazing mootools :D

  43. Themes says:

    12 Aug, 2011

    Am I the only one noticing the typo on this page? It s scripts not sripts (URL and Title have the typo)

    • Jeeremie says:

      14 Aug, 2011

      Amazing…. How could I not see it after all these years. Thanks for reporting. I will change it

  44. deal says:

    22 Oct, 2011

    Some truly select blog posts on this web site , bookmarked .

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