February 24, 2009

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What s been keeping me busy?

Article written by Jeeremie

As you certainly noticed, I didn t have much time to post on this blog lately. That s because I am designing another WordPress theme for WordPress 2.7 and it took me longer than I thought. This will be a magazine theme this time and I decided to call it PigNews (a funny name for a serious theme).

I will try to code the site and complete the work this week if I have time. In the meantime, you can preview it on Deviantart and give me your feedbacks there or on this page. At this stage, I will not make any big modification in the theme.

What s next?

As many people requested it, next step will be to upgrade my WP themes (Yoghourt & NightTransition) for WordPress 2.7+. I will do them one at a time, starting with Yoghourt.

Many people also asked me to upgrade LightForm. I am sorry to inform you that will not be possible unless someone wants to contribute to this project or want to make a donation. I went into full time freelancing just recently and if I want to make a living by the end of the year I will have to work really hard. That means less time for me to work on open source projects. I hope you understand.

If you accept to contribute or donate, I will be very happy to put your name and url somewhere on my freebies page for example.

The Author

Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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  1. Dustin says:

    1 Mar, 2009

    I was wondering what happened. Good to see you didn t lose much, my hosts server crashed one time and i was literally in the process of backing up so i lost A LOT of posts/comments/content.

    • Jeremie Tisseau says:

      2 Mar, 2009

      Yes, thanks. I lost two days because of what happened on my server. I will start coding NewsPig today.

  2. Sorin says:

    28 Mar, 2009

    When will be released this theme, is look very good..it is premium with money or free :-?


  3. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    30 Mar, 2009

    It will be a free premium theme. I have decided to collaborate with Chris on this theme, a talented PHP developer who works in a Media Company in UK. We ve discussed together of what functionnalities we should implement in this theme. At the moment, Chris is currently working on the backend to build an options page and other functionnalities we will need for this theme. As soon as finishes that we will start working on the front end. Sorry for this long delay but hopefully the result should be a very flexible Premium theme.

    If you want to be notified, subscribe to my RSS if you didn t yet.

  4. m.o.m. says:

    6 Apr, 2009

    Great. thats much better. And i wait for it to used it. Keep on the good Work!

  5. m.o.m. says:

    6 Apr, 2009

    Release Date? Is the Theme in April ready?

    • Jeremie Tisseau says:

      7 Apr, 2009

      I talked to Chris yesterday and he told me he builded most of the backend functionnalities already and he s now working on the front end. However, I can t tell you for sure when we will release it. It might take a few weeks before we do since Chris only works on this theme during his spare time at night or weekends.

      Besides we plan to release this theme as part of an opensource project we are building together (about premium WordPress themes and plugins) but we have to build the site first. If it takes too long putting everything together, we will just release the PigNews on our sites as a beta to get some feedbacks until we can release it on this opensource site.

  6. m.o.m. says:

    7 Apr, 2009

    Hi Jeremie Tisseau. Thanks for the Response. I can wait.

    and i like to be a Beta Tester :-)
    Can i see a single Post Screenshot with Comments?

    Thank you and Chris!

  7. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    8 Apr, 2009

    Thanks. We are looking for beta testers so your offer comes handy. You can review the single post screenshot here. I really encourage advanced critique.

  8. Sorin says:

    8 Apr, 2009

    I can help you guys to test the theme. If you want please let me know.

  9. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    8 Apr, 2009

    Thanks Sorin. As I said, the theme is not ready yet but in the meantime you can visit the link I gave in the comment above yours and give us some feedbacks or suggest us some ideas. We will let you know when we release the first beta version of this theme. :)

  10. m.o.m. says:

    8 Apr, 2009

    Very nice. Thanks!

    Is the Footer/Bottom Section a Widget Place? So whe can remove the Copyright About and Welcome Things.

    Idea: Perhaps a nice Option for the Article and Site Admin Section? A single Site Template without Sidebar. For much Text or a Gallery Site.

    Question: Is the Breaking News on Top a Plugin or an RSS-Feed Option?

    Happy Easter to all.

  11. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    9 Apr, 2009

    Thanks m.o.m. A single site template without sidebar is a nice idea. I will consult Chris about it.

    It will be a plugin, some kind of News ticker. My original idea is to display the latest post in that beaking news (just title with a short excerpt or only title) or to let the owner of the site set which category to display in the breaking news from an options page. I told Chris already about this idea so now we have to wait and see.

  12. m.o.m. says:

    16 Apr, 2009

    Any News?

  13. Jacka says:

    19 Apr, 2009

    No News:-/

  14. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    20 Apr, 2009

    Sorry. There s a lot to say about this project. I will make an annoucement later this week on my blog to tell you about it.

  15. Web Designers Blogs says:

    21 Apr, 2009

    Waiting for the release

  16. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    23 Apr, 2009

    Everyone interested in Pignews should read this: Annoucement: The Gorilla Project - Coming Soon!

  17. m.o.m. says:

    13 May, 2009

    Is there an Release Date?
    Why you don t release a beta. Then we can discuss about the Theme. The Gorilla and / or the Synergy Thing blocks. I think.

  18. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    13 May, 2009

    Mormox, I am trying to get the team to move forward and release the theme before end of May. You can follow the discussion here on our dev site. A PigNews Folder has been added to our SVN repository. I will push the team to add some files into it as soon as possible.

  19. m.o.m. says:

    13 May, 2009

    Thanks for the response and the news.

  20. Timmy says:

    31 May, 2009

    i think the them will release in 2010…

  21. Marco Ca a says:

    27 May, 2010

    I wonder if this theme is available now and its cost to buy it. I really liked and want to use it in a new project


    • Jeeremie says:

      27 May, 2010

      The theme won t cost anything. WPSynergy.org is an opensource community. We are finishing the WPSynergy.org website and we are designing a couple more themes before launch. If you can t wait, I can send you a copy of the theme. It is still in beta but should work well now.

  22. Marco Ca a says:

    27 May, 2010

    Thank you very much.
    Please send me the theme when you can. To install on the new portal I m designing.

    my email is marco@webcom.com.mx

    Kind Regards

  23. Onaired says:

    25 Aug, 2010

    Nice clean design. But the bottom right area seem bits empty. what r u planning to put in this, glimps of breaking new could also be put in this area.

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