September 5, 2008

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Web-Kreation Quote Form - free PHP online quote form

Article written by Jeeremie

Web-Kreation Quote Form was the form I created on my old site (Web-Kreation v1) for my clietns to request a free quote for their web projects. Since I am not using it anymore, I decided to give it away. I have cleaned up the code and added the nice date picker from ElectricPrism which uses Mootools.

Preview / Download

DemoDownload(34.4 KiB, 11,473 hits)


  • Unzip the file.
  • Upload the files and folders to your server.
  • Modify code as you wish.


Open index.php in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) and change email line 164:

$to = '';

The Author

Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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  1. closer says:

    6 Sep, 2008

    This is perfect contact form ! Thank you but in this demo text boxes are not in correct place.. how can we correct ?

  2. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    6 Sep, 2008

    They are aligned for me. Which browser do you use and what version? Could you take a screenshot and show me? Thanks for the feedback.

  3. closer says:

    6 Sep, 2008

    I use Internet Explorer 7 PRO V2.3

    I downloaded and opened in DreamWeaver and it look as in the web page …

    screenshot is here

    Thank you for this great contact form !!!

  4. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    6 Sep, 2008

    Surprisingly, I forgot to check in IE. I will fix that and keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. closer says:

    6 Sep, 2008

    Thank you Jeremie Tisseau.

  6. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    7 Sep, 2008

    @closer: fixed! Download it again to get the corrected version.

  7. G khan says:

    24 Dec, 2008

    thanks for tihs nice form Jeremie Tisseau

  8. flash says:

    14 Jan, 2009

    The Spam filter is always 5…cant be random?????
    If no then what is the purpose????

  9. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    21 Jan, 2009

    Before I was using more complex spam checkers with random images but still received spams. However, this simple trick seems to stop them and I never received any spam from bots anymore.

  10. Jib says:

    11 May, 2009

    Great form, but the msg boxes do not retain the info that was typed in if the form is submitted without filling out a required field.

  11. enque says:

    9 Jun, 2009

    Really Great form. Like Jib mentioned the msg boxes reset to being empty if a required field is not field in. Is there any way or retaining the information so the user does not have to fill it in more than once and it only clears after submission is successful. I would also like to send a copy to the user in html format for their reference. I am still new to php and tried the Mimetype text/html but I m doing something wrong. Would appreciate your advice.

  12. Jhenee says:

    13 Jun, 2009

    thanks for this quote form.

  13. byeli says:

    1 Aug, 2009

    Thanks for script

  14. inj says:

    30 Dec, 2009

    how i can edit this form if wants to make a attachment script.

    like i wants to add file upload button how i can..

    anybody will send me this samll script please

    waiting reply

  15. valdemir says:

    26 Apr, 2010

    thanks for tihs nice quote form Jeremie Tisseau

  16. TerrorBiker says:

    20 Jul, 2010

    The contact form is great, but would be better if you add recapthcha option. SPAM is going insanely high and it can be avoided by using recapthcha.

  17. Pagal says:

    25 Jul, 2010

    nice form, quick question!

    I want to add a php code in the mesg body of email, so that I can guess who register member of my site apply via this form like

    Submited by ( my register member)
    then email mesg
    ***Personal Datas ***

    From: blah
    blah blah

    Really thanks, I m waiting! :)

  18. Pagal says:

    25 Jul, 2010


  19. rohdim says:

    11 Oct, 2010

    Great job and thanks for that

  20. Delsie Minshall says:

    29 Jan, 2011

    Wonderful site, where did you come up with the information in this article? I m glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  21. anurag says:

    31 Mar, 2011

    i have try to use but its showing error when i add as a plugin

  22. Kerala Web Designer says:

    12 Apr, 2011

    This is what I exactly looking for, a very useful plugin. Thanks mate.

  23. Claire says:

    28 Apr, 2011

    Error when trying to download…

  24. Pagal says:

    2 May, 2011

    Jeremie fuck you… why you did my comment approved if you don t want to reply me? You Mother Fucker

    • Jeeremie says:

      3 May, 2011

      Having a bad day?!

      First of all, insulting people is not the best way to get an answer.

      Second - and to speak the same language as you do - I didn t understand a *fucking shit* of what you said in your first comment? Speak proper English and maybe I or someone else can help you.

      Third, you have to understand I receive dozens of comments per day. My job is taking most of my time and while I do my best to review each one by one, I can t answer every single request. If you want full assistance, then think about making a donation (link in the sidebar on top) and I will be most happy to help you. At the end of the story, I need to make living. No money, no honey!

      Anyway, have a nice day. Peace! Bin Laden is dead.

  25. astra says:

    10 May, 2011

    Hi, am a newbie in web programming, and recently I used a special software (php forms) to create a form I need. Can I embed this contact form on my website without good programming skills?

    • Jeeremie says:

      12 May, 2011

      If you follow the instructions, it should work like a charm. Just make sure your server runs PHP and has a SMTP server to send the emails.

  26. cleatus says:

    10 Jun, 2011

    first of all thank you for this. it basically has given me a framework with which to create any form i want. do you know why i have to have register globals turned on for the form to work? what should i change to make it work without register globals? thanks in advance.

  27. Kevin says:

    9 Oct, 2011


    Your awesome man. Thanks for the form. I enjoy all parts of your website. It s very informative and extremely well done.

    It s easy to see that your a very good UI designer.

    Here is a video for you :) enjoy.

  28. Alex says:

    17 Feb, 2012

    Jeeremie Hello, I tried to use your form and I can think of the following:
    A. - When I use the DEMO works fine.
    2.-When I use it on my site accusing me the following msg: “Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 554 Debe utilizar como remitente una cuenta de correo v lida. in \hmfswwebdtcwin093xxxxxxx.compublic_htmlContactFormindex.php on line 200″

    Truth is not happening, can you help me please.

    It will be the language encoding? I live in Chile

  29. Jo says:

    29 Mar, 2012

    Thank you for the form, brilliant! Can I ask - is there a way that if the user filled out the form but say forgot to put their email address when they click send, that the other info they filled is gets saved? At the moment it just clears all the fields if the user forgot to fill in one of the required fields. Thank you!

  30. Prasath says:

    6 Aug, 2012

    hi Jeeremie , i followed ur instruction and installedto wamp server, but it s show text fields this message.why is that ? pls help me

    • Prasath says:

      6 Aug, 2012

      show text field “”
      why ? hlp man pls…

  31. Prasath says:

    6 Aug, 2012

    form dosen t validations

  32. ganesh says:

    24 Aug, 2012

    excellent, thank you so much…

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