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November 12, 2008


Submit your stories and get thousands of visitors

Article written by Jeeremie

You are a web designer/developer and just wrote a killer article in your field. So now what? You have two solutions:

1) You can wait that someone bookmarks or links back to your story. If you are quite popular in the blogosphere and have hundreds (maybe thousands?) of readers, chances are that many people will talk about your latest article on their blog/site or bookmark it on but, if you just started out, you will have to wait months before someone starts noticing you.

2) If you think your article is really worth of interest, then don t wait! Submit your story to social bookmarking sites!

Social bookmarking sites can be an amazing way to promote your blog and if your article hits the first page of or it will drive an huge amount of visitors to your site - possibly thousands - in just a couple of hours. And if you are lucky, some of them will even subscribe to your RSS feed.

Here s a few sites where you can submit your web design stories:

  2. Reddit
  3. Sript & Style
  4. Dzone
  5. Design Bump
  6. DesignFloat
  7. Graphic Design Links
  8. KreativeUse
  9. CSS Globe
  10. Visual Blast
  11. BlogEngage
  12. 1zone
  13. Design:related
  14. Pixel Groovy
  15. ProtoLize
  16. Findnews - Technology
  17. Swik
  18. Malaysia Story
  19. Developer Niche
  20. VoteTime
  21. Design Shack
  22. Mixx

(Some of them will review your stories upon submission before publishing them.)

Do you know another social bookmarking site dedicated to web and graphic design or an effective way to promote your site? Share it with us!

Oh, and, if you like this article, don t forget to submit it to those sites! ;)

The Author

Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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