July 14, 2008

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Night Transition - Free WordPress Theme

Article written by Jeeremie

I am glad to announce you can now download my latest WordPress theme “Night Transition”:

Night Transition - WordPress Theme


DemoDownload(434.2 KiB, 16,801 hits)


This theme is Valid HTML & CSS and use Mootools to display the login form on top. Please, make sure to read the license before downloading this theme.

I have written a tutorial to explain you how to change the header in Firefox. Read it here »

The Author

Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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  1. SE7EN says:

    20 Jul, 2008

    Wow I really like this theme. Do you include the new feauture of WordPress 2.6? like caption and image align css?

  2. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    20 Jul, 2008

    No. Unfortunately, they released WordPress 2.6 few days after I released this theme. I will update it when I have time.

  3. Buzzlair says:

    29 Jul, 2008

    great themes. im starting using mootools now and honestly u inspired me for first. I would like to know how you create the login box. can u create a tutorial? i would like know.

  4. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    29 Jul, 2008

    Buzzlair, It was already on my To Do list but since you are asking for it, I will try to do it next week if I can.

    I will let you know.

  5. Vhic Hufana says:

    1 Aug, 2008

    Wow! very nice theme. Thanks for sharing. i will download it and use it.

  6. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    5 Aug, 2008

    Buzzlair, you were asking for a tutorial. It is done. Check it here »

    And there will soon be a second tutorial (August 12, 2008) explaining how to implement the login box in WordPress.


  7. 108blog says:

    8 Aug, 2008

    very pretty design and very well,thank that free

  8. Daniel Craig says:

    14 Aug, 2008

    Hello, Cool post on , I m looking forward to reading more of your site.

  9. Jutta says:

    15 Aug, 2008

    He ho! Great post about . I just ran google to find out more about WordPress as CMS and it brought up your site. :-) I wish you a lot of luck for the future! Jens

  10. Lorenzo says:

    19 Aug, 2008

    Great theme, but I have a problem, if I wrote an extensive title, well see the next image:


    I hope that you can help me ^^

  11. Masaguz says:

    23 Aug, 2008

    hi. i come from indonesia, and i like this tutorial ;)

  12. Buzzlair says:

    23 Aug, 2008

    Im sorry for the late reply. Forgot to tick the notification function. Thanks for the turotial, Jereemie. It helps me a lot. Cant wait to lay my hand on the codes. yaikz!

  13. labs says:

    7 Sep, 2008

    Gonna use this theme for my blog… but in the search bar on the top the ‘go buton does not work and I read on some site that u planning to come out with an updated version of this theme. Should i wait :)

  14. Glen Wilson says:

    16 Nov, 2008


    using your website - love it! your a genius… so forgive me for my lack of genius, but i can find out how to make a home button in the nav panel work properly…?



  15. hakeem! says:

    25 Dec, 2008

    I love this theme! I am using it now :)

  16. suhendrawan says:

    2 Jan, 2009

    nice and great theme, i like, thanks for your sharing

  17. Daniel says:

    10 Jan, 2009

    Hey, you done a nice job with this theme. I like it.

  18. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    21 Jan, 2009

    Thanks guys!

  19. kely says:

    25 Jan, 2009

    Thank that free!

  20. Sinema says:

    28 Feb, 2009

    thanks for your sharing nice theme

  21. manuelanorga says:

    3 Mar, 2009

    I like your theme.. But I can t see the HEADER.. .. Do you know Why?…

    I din t change my files php and style.css… I really want to use it, but my problem is THE HEADER….

    • Jeremie Tisseau says:

      3 Mar, 2009

      Well, I see it. Do you talk about the pink header you designed?

    • Jeremie Tisseau says:

      3 Mar, 2009

      Actually there was a problem in the stylesheet. Download it again and sorry for that. I really don t know what I had done to mess the stylesheet that way.

  22. manuelanorga says:

    3 Mar, 2009


  23. RoyalC says:

    18 Apr, 2009

    Really great theme, thx for this.

  24. RoyalC says:

    20 Apr, 2009

    really nice theme but under wp 2.7.1 sliding don t works any idea ??

  25. Jeremie Tisseau says:

    22 Apr, 2009

    NightTransition is not compatible with WordPress 2.7+ yet.

  26. RoyalC says:

    22 Apr, 2009

    yes ,and i made it possible :D simply by putting your http://web-kreation.com/index.php/wordpress/implement-a-nice-clean-jquery-sliding-panel-in-wordpress-27/

    and it work great

    pour voir ce que ca donne:


    merci encore pour ce superbe theme

  27. Bes says:

    15 Jun, 2009

    I have use WordPress 2.8 and the header with mootools don t works!!!
    Jeremie Tisseau can you make your theme WordPress 2.8 compatible ?


  28. Jasa Web Desain says:

    31 Jul, 2009

    Hey, you done a nice job with this theme. I like it.

  29. Ali says:

    15 Oct, 2009

    Hi there!

    Nice theme, but the mootools login is not working with wordpress 2.8! Think you can update it? Please, it would be awesome!


  30. Archie Segobia says:

    17 Apr, 2010

    Really nice site , thanks for sharing cool stuff

  31. Linn says:

    2 Jun, 2010

    Love it! :) How do I put an header on that using only CSS?

  32. tattoo says:

    19 Jul, 2010

    Merci pour le partage, c'est g nial!

  33. Kreatifbuzz says:

    7 Dec, 2010

    Hye Jeremie,
    how can I enable “reply” to the comment box for this template?
    I tried use many plugin, but still nothing.
    My WP ver. is 3.0.2
    hope you can fix it.
    I really like this template.

  34. nikkirich says:

    27 Dec, 2010

    Hi Jeremie!

    Thank you for creating this theme! i love it and currently using it for my shoe blog. question: how do i update the blogroll?

  35. daus says:

    3 Mar, 2011

    wahh! nice theme.. thanks web kreation :) love it <3

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