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January 20, 2009

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Has Your Education Any Relevance To Your Job? Take the Poll!

Article written by Jeeremie

Hello Guys! First, let me tell you that my wife and I finally arrived to Thailand where we are enjoying the hot weather and the delicious Thai food. At the moment, we are leaving with her family and hope to get our own flat very soon. I will try to catch up with the latest comments left on my blog and will try to answer everyone in a short time.

Today, I was just watching this great video on AIGA about “Understanding Web Design” by Jeffrey Zeldman.

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Jeffrey Zeldman co-founded A List Apart, Happy Cog and An Event Apart. He also co-founded the Web Standards Project (WaSP), a group of professional website designers dedicated to disseminating and encouraging the use of the standards promoted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

In his presentation “Understanding Web Design”, Jeffrey Zeldman is telling us that “about 50% think their education does not have any relevance to their job“.

It made me think about myself. I studied optic for 7 years and worked for about 4 years in a solar telescope in Canary Islands. 7 years! and I finally end up working as a web designer. Wow! That was a complete 180, wasn t it?

So what about you? Do you work in the Web industry? If so, do you think your education has any relevance to your job?

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Please, feel free to leave a comment to tell us about your own story. I am really curious to know what was your education or job before you started working in the Web industry.

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Article written by Jeeremie:

Hi, My Name is Jeremie Tisseau. I am a French UI/UX Designer, Event Organizer and Web Entrepreneur based in Bangkok, Thailand, since January 2009. I design beautiful and functional web and mobile apps for early stage startups.


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