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June 25, 2010

PHP, Tutorials, WordPress

Migrating a WordPress Site - FTP, PhpMyAdmin and SQL queries

Article written by Jeeremie

In this tutorial we are going to explore how to migrate your WordPress site from one host to another, using FTP and PhpMyAdmin. We will cover everything from exporting/importing a database in PhpMyAdmin to creating a new one, creating a new user, updating user privileges… And last but not least, I will show you how to update your old domain name URIs (e.g. to your new domain name (e.g. using SQL Queries in PhpMyAdmin.



May 14, 2010

All, Site Optimization

A Five Step Guide to Cross-cultural Web Design

Article written by Christian

One of the most exciting aspects of the Internet, particularly for business owners, is that the World Wide Web is exactly that we can now target customers in Lahore as easily as London, Moscow as easily as Miami.


February 21, 2010

All, CMS & E-commerce platforms

Book Review: “Magento: Beginner s Guide”

Article written by Jeeremie

This step-by-step beginner s guide takes the pain out of using the world s best open source e-commerce solution. It guides you through installing the software, configuring your store, populating your store with products, accepting payments, maintaining relationships with your customers, and fulfilling orders.


February 1, 2010

All, Design, Freebies

Designing Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm Pre - Ressources

Article written by Jeeremie

As the need to design applications for smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more important, I have put together a list of GUI ressources (PSD, Fireworks) for the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre and iPad […]



October 19, 2009

All, Productivity, Tutorials

Create Code Snippets in Aptana to Improve Productivity

Article written by Jeeremie

Code Snippets feature in aptana lets you quickly insert small pieces of code into your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML files. Snippets can save you time and hassle of typing out bits of code that you frequently use by adding them into your files by simply double-clicking the name of the Snippet.



September 28, 2009

AJAX / Javascript, All, HTML / CSS, Mootools, Scripts, Tutorials

Sponsor list with CSS Sprites and Mootools 1.2

Article written by Jeeremie

Today, we are going to see how to create a sponsor list with CSS Sprites and Mootools 1.2 as seen on or JamieWhinCup. Before we start, have a look for yourself: view demo »